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The Need

We live in a volatile, uncertain world, and face numerous, complex challenges:
  • The tech revolution and the impact of big data, AI and automation
  • Climate change, energy security and stewardship of the world’s natural resources
  • Social media and ‘fake news’
  • Brexit, the economy, housing, social mobility, health and social care provision.
The list goes on.
For these challenges to be successfully addressed, there needs to be trust in and between our public leaders, institutions and citizens. Trust is vital to a healthy and successful society and economy.

“Levels of social trust…predict national economic growth as powerfully as financial and physical capital, and more powerfully than skill levels”

- Dr. David Halpern, CEO, Behavioural Insights Team
But there is a crisis of trust.
  • Less than 20% of us trust politicians to tell the truth and only around 25% trust journalists
  • Fewer than half of us trust business leaders, local councillors, trade union officials and charity CEOs
    Source: Ipsos Mori Veracity Index 2018.
Are those who influence and make the key decisions that affect us all worthy of our trust? It seems not. It’s time to take action.


Simply mourning this lack of trust will get us nowhere. Likewise, we cannot rely on vague attempts to ‘do better’ and expect that trust will somehow develop.

We need to take a deliberate, systemic approach to building trustworthiness and trust in and between our public leaders, institutions and citizens.
The Principles – A Charter for quality dialogue, debate and decision-making

The Campaign plans to develop a set of principles to guide public leaders, influencers and decision-makers (primarily politicians and leaders of business, media and civil society) as they participate in the process of dialogue, debate and decision-making.

Signing up to and applying ‘The Principles/Charter’ will demonstrate that those who hold, or aspire to hold, positions of public leadership or influence, are committed to operating to a common standard, regardless of their views on specific issues, and are therefore worthy of our trust.
To ensure collective understanding and commitment, ‘The Principles/Charter’ will be developed in collaboration with both citizens and public leaders and influencers.

‘The Principles/Charter’ could be based on:
  • Information eg. ‘Agree sources of and then use only high quality, relevant information’
  • People eg. ‘Listen to, acknowledge and seek to understand of the views of others’
  • Process eg. ‘Assess impact of decisions on all stakeholders over short, medium and long-terms’


Phase 1
Build awareness and support via social and traditional media
Convene Citizen Workshops around the country to explore and develop ‘The Principles/Charter’
Prepare for full public launch
Phase 2
Continue to build awareness, including via an official launch event
Engage key public decision-makers and influencers in The Campaign and the development of ‘The Principles/Charter’ via an outbound communications campaign
Develop an online platform to maximise visibility, monitor engagement and build pressure to engage
Finalise ‘The Principles/Charter’ for publication
Phase 3
The development of a ‘kitemark’ to assess and report on the application of ‘The Principles/Charter’, thereby holding individuals and organisations to account
Engagement of the next and coming generations by developing and delivering programmes and courses in schools and universities
The development of tools and techniques to facilitate the application of ‘The Principles/Charter’
Over time The Campaign will look to explore the potential to expand the application of 'The Principles/Charter' internationally.

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The Campaign's purpose is to "explore and develop ways to deliberately and systemically build trustworthiness and trust in and between our public leaders and citizens".

The Campaign

  • is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee
  • is apolitical and impartial
  • is concerned solely for the quality and integrity of process
  • does not take positions on specific issues and challenges